Bandhan Matrimonials introduce “Hum Tum” a concept of mutual efforts wherein we move hand in hand with the families of all castes of Hindus & Sikhs in their journey of finding a perfect life partner.

This pristine platform will help you choose your dream mate with our genuine initiatives. Extend your hand and discover your dream qualities, as we will make sure we provide you with the best individualities and personalities.

“ If the feelings are mutual, the efforts will be equal ”

“Hum Tum”


The exact process that we follow in each of our engagements depends upon the package that has been subscribed to. However, in most cases, we follow these steps to identify the perfect match for our customer.

  • Filling format, collecting documents and photographs along with membership charges.
  • Compilation into the information system.
  • Team visit at your place for detailed assessment of your living style and business details.
  • Shortlisting the proposals based on the criterion laid down by you.
  • Dispatching the proposals by email along with a SMS Alert, after matching profiles by our Matchmaking Department.
  • Taking feedback for the proposals sent to you.
  • Arranging meetings after approval from both sides.
  • Maturity fees to be paid on or before the Roka Ceremony.

Types of "Hum Tum" Package

Bronze Package

Suitable for Lower Middle Class families
Annual Income - Upto 3

Silver Package

Suitable for Middle Class families
Annual Income - Above 3 Lakhs - Upto 12 Lakhs

Gold Package

Suitable for Upper Middle Class families
Annual Income - Above 12 Lakhs - Upto 25 Lakhs

Diamond Package

Suitable for Rich Class
Annual Income - Above 25 Lakhs - Upto 50 Lakhs

Platinum Package

Suitable for Super Rich Class families
Annual Income - Above 50 Lakhs - Upto 1 Crore

Elite Package

Suitable for Elite & Highly Affluent families
Annual Income - Above 1 Crore - Upto 5 Crores

Royal Package

Suitable for Royal Class
Annual Income - Above 5

NRI Package

Suitable for all castes of
individuals settled outside India.

“Pay from your Heart ”
Bandhan Matrimonials initiates to step forward and lend a hand to uplift and empower girls by launching ‘Pay from your Heart’ Concept only for Girls thereby letting the girls parents to pay us the Maturity fee as per their status and voice of Heart.