“ Ye betiyaan to Babul ki Raaniyaan hain Meethi Meethi Pyari Pyari ye Kahaaniyaan hain…”
“ Daughters hold our hands for a little while But hold our Hearts forever”

We take pride in our soulfully rich culture which teaches us to respect all girls as our own daughters & sisters. So we aim to earn blessings along with the monetary factor because we believe and consider that both these elements are equally important for the growth and survival of our well being in the society.

Bandhan Matrimonials initiates to step forward and lend a hand to uplift and empower girls by launching ‘Pay from your Heart’ Concept only for girls thereby letting the girls’ parents to pay us the Maturity fee as per their status and voice of Heart.

She is Woman
She is mother.. daughter.. wife … Sister
She is a Person
She is strong, Smart, crafty
She is passionate, courageous, generous
Cooking barefoot is only one of several superpowers
She is action, emotion, devotion
She has hope, beauty, power
She has a brain and she knows how to use it
She Gives You Life
She gives you respect, love, gratitude
she believes in you
She will nurture you, fight for you
She deserves nothing less from you
Source: https://plus.google.com/+LoveQuotespage/posts/Y6vikmC5Kko

Let’s show the world..
Daughter is a Blessing, not a Burden…